Today is July 12, 2024

As an added benefit to having an ACPA membership, the ACPA has purchased an EZ Child Identification System that members can use in their community.

The EZ Child Identification System is an all-inclusive kit that allows digital fingerprinting, photographing, video and audio taping of a child and/or elder in a matter of minutes. The system will also provide an identification card that can be laminated and a copy of the information on a CD. For additional information on this system, please visit

After reviewing the information on the website listed above, should you decide that your agency or company would like to provide this service to the community at an upcoming event, we ask that you

  • Contact Vickie Owen, ACPA President, either by e-mail or phone at 480-635-7521, to check availability of the system.
  • Complete the 'System Request' form (below). Arrange for pick-up and return delivery of equipment with Vickie by e-mail or by calling 480-635-7521.
How to Collect DNA Video
EZ Child ID System Use Request Form
Please read and digitally sign below that you understand the Requirements for checking out the EZ Child ID System from the Arizona Crime Prevention Association.

1. I understand that I will be borrowing the EZ Child ID System from the Arizona Crime Prevention Association, Inc., and that the system includes:

  • EZ Child ID Metal carry case (*inside case)
  • Laptop installed with EZ Child ID software*
  • Camera/Microphone*
  • Laminator and laminator paper
  • Extra keyboard and mouse*
  • Color printer*
  • Height Chart/Screen
  • Scale

2. I understand that myself and/or my company or agency will be responsible for providing:

  • Blank CDs and white cardstock paper during our event
3. I agree to return said equipment in the same condition with which it is being borrowed and that I  will verify its condition and function with the ACPA, Inc. prior to borrowing and upon its return.
4. I agree to be the person responsible for the equipment during the event and I will review the EZ Child ID "User Manual" found at: prior to the event.

5. I agree that I will arrange for pick-up of the equipment from the ACPA, Inc. and that the return of the equipment will be made within four (4) days after our event.
6. If I am hosting a Child ID event, and I am NOT a member a law enforcement, I agree to:
  • Partner with a current board member of the Arizona Crime Prevention Association, Inc. (ACPA)
  • Partner with a member of law enforcement who must agree to notify the ACPA, Inc. of their agency participation in the event
7. We will provide our event/program flyer to the ACPA.
I agree, if doing DNA collection as part of our event, we will take the collection in a manner advised by the ACPA's Step by Step Collection procedures found here (PDF).
If you are not familiar with the equipment, we suggest you pick it up a few days early in order to become familiar with it prior to your event.
By entering your required information below, you are indicating that you have read and understand the above stipulations and agree to them.
We are currently experiencing issues with our online forms. If the form below is not working, please email your request to 
Partnering Law Enforcement Agency:
ACPA member who was notified of your event:
Date of Event*
Date Equipment Needed*
Terms of agreement.* I have read and agree to the terms of agreement.   
Please provide any additional information about your request.